Walk and Talk Therapy

Walk and Talk Therapy combines psychotherapy with movement and inspiration of a natural environment.  Research has shown that walking not only increases our overall health and wellness, it also encourages healthy lifestyle habits.
Walk and Talk Therapy has all of the advantages of traditional counseling with many more positive, life-affirming elements just waiting to be discovered.  Processing of life’s challenges, worries, grief, pain, relationship issues, addictions, or illnesses, can all be done while walking and connecting with the elements of sun, fresh air, and maybe even some rain.  As long as we are prepared, we can take the next step toward health and enrichment in our lives.  Invest in yourself.  We cannot always walk this journey of life alone.

What to Expect from Therapy

Just as it sounds, we are outdoors, walking side-by-side for your therapy session, instead of sitting inside an office.  We meet at a trail head or in a park setting.   Accommodations will be made for your level of ability and access to ideal walking/hiking locations.  Sessions are conducted “rain or shine.”  We will simply reschedule if the weather is extreme.
Call and we will work out the details.

My Fee

One Session
(2 hours of Counseling)

Sessions are two-hours minimum.  My rate is $110 an hour. I am available for multiple hours per session.  I take cash, check or credit cards.  Most Health Insurance companies will reimburse you as long as I create an Invoice. 



Reduced Price

Four Pack
​(8 Hours of Counseling)

Invest in four sessions of Walk and Talk and save $100


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Upcoming Training

Give your practice a breath or fresh air...

​September 22-23, 2018

Wilderness Therapy Training
For Mental Health Professionals

If you are compelled to take your therapeutic practice out-of-doors, it is best for you to have the skills and to facilitate the experience.  The reward is waiting for you.  This will not only be informative, it will be fun as well.  

The evolution of mental health is progressing toward the inclusion of multisensory experiences, movement and the natural environment.  Earthwalker is creating an industry standard for Wilderness Therapy Training. This training can set you free from the office.  
Practice experiential therapy techniques that are unique for wilderness settings including Walk and Talk Therapy, Mindfulness, and other such therapeutic uses of wilderness that are practical for mental health professionals.  
Camping is available on a beautiful 925 acre ranch included in registration.  We will hike along the beautiful American River.  There will be a delicious dinner included in registration, along with night activities and musical entertainment around the fire. 

Jeff Adorador, MS, LMFT

Jeff Adorador holds a Master of Science degree in Counseling, and is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Outdoor Experiential Education from Prescott College a renowned school for Outdoor Experiential Education, Environmental Studies, and Leadership.  Jeff is certified as a Wilderness First Responder in first aid through National Outdoor Leadership School, Wilderness Medicine.  His survival experience and instruction has included courses taught by Cody Lundin (Aboriginal Living Skills School & Discovery's Dual Survival), Tom Brown Jr. (Tracker School), and Search and Rescue.  Jeff currently instructs survival courses for law enforcement and the Sheriff's Search and Rescue team.  Jeff also has a private counseling practice in Roseville and conducts Wilderness Therapy in the Sierra Foothills.
Reserve Your Spot.      


​​   FEE:   

Reserve your spot with a non-refundable $100 deposit, full payment due by Sep 10th 2018
Fill out Wilderness Therapy Registration and Risk Forms by clicking below.


Lotus View Ranch, Orchard and Transformational Nature Space
925 acres ranch  Pilot Hill, California
Our training location is a gorgeous plot of land in the Sierra Foothills.  You have the choice of booking a hotel in town at your own expense or going rustic and camping on location, fee included in registration.  The accommodations are simple, a field for pitching a tent, outdoor showers, composting toilets and a fire pit.  There is a large beautiful pond and amazing hikes nearby with stunning views.